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Film of Pilton Playgroup 1985


In 1985 Howard Bluett filmed the Pilton Playgroup in Pilton Church Hall. We have successfully transferred the 30 minute video to digital and with the help of Anne Chapman we have managed to identify over 70 of the leaders, parents and children who are shown. It is too big a task to go through and identify them on the film but they are all listed here and should be found by those searching the internet.

Leaders - Dorothy Forward and Brenda Bryan.

Helpers - Elizabeth Stevens, Ruth Dennis, Jean Ford, Sheena Ferguson and Nancy Bluett.

Children & Parents - Lorraine Adams, Richard Andrews, Michelle Barrett, David Beer, Caroline Bluett, Rosalind Camp, Stevie Camp, Joan Carswell, Richard Carswell, Anne Chapman, Joanna Chapman, Katherine Chapman, Ann Chapple, James Chapple, Len Chapple, David Clayton, Mark Dennis, Naomi Dymond, Joanne Ellery, Lisa Featherstone, Matthew Featherstone, Sue Featherstone, Jean Ford, Mark Ford, James Gleave, Jodie Gleave, Pauline Gleave, Andrew Holland, Jason Holland, Margaret Holland, Ben Howe-Ha, Jenni Kinnear, Gemma Lilley, Kathryn Lilley, Johanna Lock, Rebecca Lock, Sue Lyle, Tessa Lyle, Tom Lyle, Melanie McClure, Shirley McClure, Rose Manley, Sarah Manley, Hannah Manton, James Manton, Sophie Martin, Hannah Miller, Alicia Nowik, Caroline Nowik, Krystina Nowik, David Passmore, Lisa Pine, Nadine Pope, Emily Runnalls, Tracey Sheppard, Jonathon Spear, Sue Spear, Paula Ten-Bokel, Carly Tuffey, Christine Wallace, Jessica Wallace, William Yeo.

Thanks to Howard Bluett and Anne Chapman and her family and friends for the identification of so many people in this film.

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