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12th North Devon Scouts' Float at Barnstaple Carnival in 1962

12th North Devon Scouts' Float at Barnstaple Carnival in 1962 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=648

This is a photograph of the 12th North Devon Scouts with their float at the 1962 Barnstaple Carnival. They received a second prize for their efforts.
Thanks to Mike Barrow for posting this on our Facebook page in November 2016. He identified himself as the third from the left on the truck. He also identifed Andy Davies as the third from the right on the truck. He lived in Yeo Vale Road with his brother Patrick. However, both have died.

Keith Laity has added a few names for us. Fourth from the left is his brother Robert Laity who would have been eleven. Next to him from left to right are Nippy Gorin and Roger Whitten (spelling?). All three lived in Rolle Street in the 1960s and Nippy's mother ran the shop at the end of Rolle Street at the junction with Mill Road. Next to them is Mark Elson whose family is thought to have lived in the Bellaire area of Pilton. Alongside Mark is a young Bobby Cobley known to us all as Pilton's perennial newsagent who recently retired. Thanks to Keith Laity for these additional names.

Sue Boden identified Allen Boden, as the 2nd on the left, and Phillip Cluett as the last boy on the right. Thanks to Sue for those two names.

Mark Elson identified the tall boy, top left, as Peter Blackmore from the Yeo Vale area. On the front row far left is Martin Williams from Chaddiford Lane, who sadly died recently. Third from the left in the front row is Colin Opie from Windsor Terrace, Bradiford. Thanks to Mark for those additional names and corrections to spellings.

If anyone can help with identification of the others, who will all be 65 - 70 years old in 2016, please let us know.

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