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Pilton Parish Magazine 1900


The 1900 editions of Pilton Parish Magazine were bound into the back of 'Home Words for Heart & Hearth' conducted by Rev. Charles Bullock. A copy of the complete document is available for study in The Pilton Story Office in the Church Hall. The Vicar at the time was Rev. William H M Bagley, the Churchwardens were James Harding and William Fisher, the Organist G W Lee, the Clerk G W Thomas and the Sexton J Stevens.

The District Nurse for Pilton was Nurse Hart, the Day School Master W J Lord and the Infant School Mistress Miss Beer.

The names of baptisms, marriages and burials for the year reported in the magazine are as follows:

Edwin Lyle Whale, Beatrice May Hill. Samuel Smith Pedlar, Eliza Rosina Kieft, Beatrice Lillian Louisa Harper, Robert Edward Balment, John Henry Holwill, Alice Louise Lock, Ronald Sidney Kemp, Florence May Matthews, William Charles Symons, Montague George Radmore, Florence Thorne, Frank Alford, Lillian Maud Ley, Mildred Mallord Turner, Reginald Roberts Lavercombe, Edith Darke, Elizabeth Hill, Frederick William Mogridge, Frederick Abbott, Francis Eli Bennett, Frank Hector Orlando Jeffrey, Lucy Pretoria May Hill, Hector William Knill, Edith Kathleen Annie Webber, Edith Berry, Hilda Eveline Annie Ellis, Gladys Kathleen Downing, Phoebe Thurlow, Alfred John Stevens, Reginald Pretoria Hill, Edith Pretoria Turner, Eva Couch, Ivy Symons, James Harry Tucker, Dorothy Evelyn Thorne, Dorothy Eliza Isaac, Bessie Pretoria Dorcas Ellis

George Henry Bowden to Charlotte Smale, George Wilton Bowden to Louisa Helen Turner, George Chichester to Frances Caroline Hibbert, Joshua Partridge Ridd Chugg to Prudence Kate Smallridge, Alfred Gould Thomas to Sarah Gibbs, Joshua Giddy to Ellen Geyton, Edwin Pickard to Eva Baker, Alfred James Steer to Beatrice Annie Balch, George Hooper to Beatrice Mary Leworthy

Samuel Leaker, Mary Gammon, James Wilkey, John Holloway, Christopher Hall, Edmund Woram, Martha Brend, Helen Crouse, John Henry Holwill, John Huxtable, Cecil Alfred Radford, Ernest Robins, William Crang, John Lauder Cann, John Richards, Francis Eli Bennett, Louise Eustance, Ethel Mary Thorne, Ann Osborn, John Hilyard Buller Osborn, Beatrice Maud Norman, Sarah Ann Jewell, George Charles Roberts Milne, James H Welsh, Ronald Sydney Kemp, Florence Abbott, John Tucker Squire

Thanks to Sally Turner for scanning the magazine pages.
The thumbnail picture shows St Mary's Church in around 1900 from a postcard with the incorrect caption that it is St Margaret's Church, an error which may have arisen because of St Margaret's Hospital in Pilton. Thanks to Shaun Winfield for the postcard.

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